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Dateline: September 9, 1970

     While tied up to the pier as the third ship out we mustered at quarters at 0800 like normal to notice something was weird.  The officers all seemed huddled off to the side talking something over.
     At this point the rumors started to slowly spread from sailor to sailor that the Helm was missing.  WHAT in the world. 

     It went from bad to worse as the Ship was searched and as Navy divers searched the ocean floor along the side of the ship as it became apparent that someone had really pulled off a good one. 

     If someone had removed the Helm they would have to carry it across two other Destroyers to get it to the pier.  Then somehow carry it across the 32nd Street Naval Station to get it off the Base.

     As the day wore on all aboard were restricted to the ship by the XO.  As the dinner hour came and went the sailors aboard that lived off base were calling their wives to tell them they would not be coming home.  As you can imagine this did not go over well with the wives waiting to their husbands.  Since the Ship was in 3 section duty it was not like they got to go home every night anyway.  Suddenly the ship is on the 6:00 news.  The wives had called the local TV station as well as the Base O.O.D.  Liberty was called immediately ( approximately 1900 hours). 

The Helm was never found and a replacement had to be custom fitted. 

                                        Respectfully submitted by Rex Mc Nay (69-70), A Craig Sailor who was there.