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History in pictures and documents for the Years of 1960 - 1969.
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Ron Fisher,White Hat Club,Subic Bay, Philippines - 1960

Ron Fisher White Hat Club Subic Bay, Philippines - 1960

Ron Fisher

Steve Reeves, Hank Lehtola, Harold Youmans on the beach.

Muster on the fantail. Youmans, Newton, Arnold & Lehtola

Electric Shop on Craig, Granbois, Youmans & Chico Morales.

Youmans, Granbois & Chico Morales

Photo taken in a Yokosuka, Japan in 1965 Lehtola, Newton, Kirts, Youmans, Jones, Johnson & Steele.

July 1965 Hong Kong, Craig DD885 and USS Rupertus DD885.

Oct. 1963, Pearl Harbor, Merry Point Landing, USS Hoel DDG13 and Craig DD885.

Joe Granbois on #1 s/s switch board.

Oct. 1963 EM/SF Shop. Ron Neuman, Rick Andres & Bill Ashmore.

Oct. 1963 Ready for inspection. Rick Andres, Ens. Stroer, Steve Reeves & Bill Reynolds.

Nov. 1963 Underway. Capt. Doyle returning from USS Kittyhawk with orders.

Nov. 1963 Subic Bay PI. Mess cooks, Wayne Frank, Russ Kannor & Bob Menosky.

Apr. 1964 Neuman catching some zzzz's in the shop.

Mar. 1964 Hong Kong Gene Wheeler and Ken Newton.

Apr. 1964 Crew's Lounge - Holiday Routine.

May 1965 Entering that "Golden Gate" Worden and Andres.

Aug. 1964 Dry Dock "Hunters Point" San Francisco, Russ Kannor & Ken Newton.

Jun. 1964 Seattle, WA EM's from Craig and USS Mullany DD528. Lupe de la Garza, Ken Newton, Gary Coppa & Gene Wheeler.

Forward Emergency Diesel Generator Room and Hank Lehtola.

March 1965, Casey and Neuman by Aft gun mount.

March 1965, Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona Memorial.

March 1965 Hawaiian waters-recovering practice torpedo.

March 1965 Hawaiian waters-flying the DASH.

March 1965 Harold Youmans, Leonard Granbois, Robert Kirts.

April 1965 Mail Delivery from USS Midway.

April 1965 USS Midway CVA-41.

April 1965 Russian trawler spying on Midway Task Group.

April 1965, Casey and Chief Jones.

Main Control - Tripp MM3 and Newton EM2.

EM Shop - Reeves IC3 and Newton EM2.

Virgil Wheeler by his rack in After Berthing.

May 1965 Subic Bay PI - USS Princeton LPH-5.

June 1965 Bar-B-Q on the fantail.

June 1965 Lehtola EM3.

June 1965 Cronan, Granbois, Reeves, Youmans.

July 2, 1965 Swin call enroute to Hong Kong after 45 days at sea.

July 20, 1965 DaNang Vietnam harbor entrance. Craig assigned as commamd ship of the gun fire support task group.

July 1965 in DaNang harbor with the USS Ingersol DD-652. Neuman and Newton.

July 1965 Lehtola, Casey, Newton.

July 25, 1965 Raines, Newton, Granbois modeling Vietnam Navy barets.

August 3, 1965 South of DaNang. US Marine advisors with Vietnam "Pajama Navy" request gun fire support.

Scorched gun barrels.

Empty brass.

Another satisfied customer.

"Shipping Over" Ron Neuman EM2 taking the oath from Capt. J.K. Jobe.

Bob Jones and Max Cronan.

June 24, 1965 Short Timers being high lined to an oiler to start their journey home.

Engine Room John Rybicki & E. A. Barry

Vernon Savola ENS. and John Rybicki MM2

John Rybicki MM2

Rick Andres EM3

Rick Andres EM3

H. R. Banks, B. L. Casey & Ron Neuman

Ron Neuman EM2

S. Sanders and Hank Lehtola in Electric Shop.

Hank Lehtola on fantail leaving San Francisco, CA

Commanding Officer John Doyle on Waikiki Beach.

Rex McNay shining shoes on Craig.

Rex McNay writing letters.

Rex McNay and Mike Crump in Hong Kong 1969.

Mike Crump, Rex McNay, ?????, Jerry Chwalek in Subic Bay 1969.