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History in pictures and documents for the Years of 1950 - 1959.
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John C. Derrick, Sonarman

USS John R. Craig DD885

1950 Thanksgiving Menu

1950 Thanksgiving Menu

Crew 1950 Hong kong

1950 Crew

7th Fleet Division 11

May 21, 1950 Baseball game between Craig/Parks vs USS Boxer CV21. Boxer-7 & Craig/Parks-5.

Sept. 20, 1951 Press News

4th of July 1951 menu

4th of July 1951 menu page 2

USS John R. Craig taken in China

1951 Craig Crew

Rescue at Sea 1952

1952 Refueling from USS Boxer CV-21

1952 Refueling from USS Boxer CV-21

1952 Refueling from USS Boxer CV-21

Christmas 1951

Christmas 1951 Menu

1952 Thanksgiving

1952 Thanksgiving Menu

USS John R. Craig DD885

Offical US Navy Photograph #CNFE-1819 from the Photographic Laboratory of Commander, Naval Forces Far East. The photo shows USS Princeton (CV-37), during underway replenishment with USS Ashtabula (AO-51), along with USS Craig DD885 breaking away, on 30 Sept. 1952, between air stricks on the Hungnam area on the east coast of North Korea.

1952 Craig

AD15 Prairie; DD886 Orleck; DD885 Craig; DD877 Perkins; DD884 Parks. 1952 Youkuska, Japan

Newspaper article.

1953 Thanksgiving Service at sea.

1953 Thanksgiving Service at sea

1953 Thanksgiving Menu at sea

1953 Thanksgiving Menu at sea

1955 Houston Chronicle.

Craig Family night.

1956 Thanksgiving Menu

1956 Thanksgiving Menu

30 July 1957 Under the S. F. Golden Gate Bridge.

1958 Operation Hardtack

Craig's operation during Hardtack.

Ops. Officer Lt. Bruce Flory & Asst. Eng. Officer "Bullet" Beck catching some zzz's.

WestPac 1952-53 in a typhoon. Lt. Roy Dunham and BM Sandahlson were washed over the side while attempting to secure the Captains Gig.

Craig "Skipper" (52-54) Cdr. James Robertson and His wife Lois, taken in 1977.