Reunion #20 at Chattanooga, TN  (go back to Reunions or Home)
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Board of Directors

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Shipmates in Attendance

Thursday September 9, 2010 Tours and Business Meeting
Friday - September 10, 2010 Tours and Dinner

Keith Junge & Jerry Chwalek

Lois & Joe Schaefer

Bob & Sonja Grisbach

Doris & James White

Linda & Frank Jones

Joan & Don Mitchell

Shirley Rentz & Rick Marleau

Max & Vickie Cronan

Ron & Jean Neuman

Betty & Bob Kirts

Steve & Barbara Reeves

Hank & Roberta Lehtola

Karan & Gerald Raines

Pam & Fred Sewell

Carl & Coleen Jones

Shirley & Lawrence Schilly

Margaret & Bob Niles

Dick & Terry Stahlhut

Wendy & Keith Junge

Curtis Duval

Rex McNay & Jerry Chwalek

Jerry & Marlene Chwalek

Curtis Duval & Harvey Smith

Ray Shelby & Tripp Garza

James (son) & James Williams

Lois & Joe Schaefer Winner

Keith Junge Winner

Rick & Barb Andres

Curtis Duval winner

Fred Sewell winner

Fred Sewell winner

Barb Reeves winner

Flag maded by Barb Reeves

Don Mitchell winner

Coleen Jones winner

Ron Neuman winner

Margaret Niles winner

Curtis Duval winner

Keith Junge winner

Steve & Barb Reeves winners

Joe Schaefer winner

Bob Niles winner

Rex McNay & Jerry Chwalek winners

Rick Marleau Grand Prize winner

Sandy & Ken Newton


Saturday - September 11, 2010